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Use your plan VADIP

Use your plan

With our large nationwide network, it’s easy to find a general dentist or specialist near you. Save time and money by getting your care from a VADIP network dentist.

Find a dentist


Register using your Social Security number as the subscriber ID. You can print enrollment card, set up monthly payments, view claims and more.

Manage your plan

You don’t need an enrollment card to receive dental care under VADIP. However, if you prefer to have a card, you can view and print your enrollment card through the Member Portal. After you register and log in, choose the Enrollment Card option to view and print. Your group name and plan type are also shown in the Benefits Booklet.

In the Member Portal, you can manage your benefits, choose to receive electronic benefit statements and download claims.


Maximize your benefits

You can see any licensed dentist as a VADIP enrollee, but you save money by visiting a Delta Dental VADIP network dentist. When you see a VADIP network dentist, you get 100% coverage of your annual exams, x-ray and cleanings.

However, if you choose to see a non-network dentist, your out-of-pocket costs and deductible are higher and your annual maximum is lower.

Network versus non-network dentist enrollee savings

Dentist’s total charge for service = $350

Network dentist

Network dentist absorbs this cost:
Delta Dental Pays:
Delta Dental Pays 70% of the highest fee allowed (70% x $300 allowed fee)
Enrollee Copay:
Enrollee pays 30% of the highest fee allowed (30% x $300 allowed fee)
Enrollee's Out-of-Pocket total:

Non-network dentist

Enrollee pays this cost:
Non-network dentists do not absorb any cost. Enrollee pays the difference between a dentist fee and highest fee allowed.
Delta Dental Pays:
Delta Dental Pays 60% of the highest fee allowed (60% x $300 allowed fee)
Enrollee Copay:
Enrollee pays 40% of the highest fee allowed (40% x $300 allowed fee)
Enrollee out-of-pocket total:
Enrollee pays fee not absorbed by dentist plus higher percentage of agreed upon Delta Dental allowed fee. If deductible has not yet been met enrollee fees will be higher.

Learn about oral health and wellness

Visit Delta Dental’s Wellness Site to review your dental habits, get educated and stay informed about oral health related topic.