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Supporting Veterans and CHAMPVA Beneficiaries

As a Veterans Service Officer, you might wonder how you can help VA beneficiaries make the right decision to choose Delta Dental’s Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program for their dental coverage under VADIP. Here are some facts about VADIP that you may find useful:

  1. The waiting period under the Comprehensive and Prime Plan is 12 months for major restorative. The waiting period under all plans is 12 months for endodontics and periodontics.
  2. Simple extractions are the only covered oral surgery services under the Enhanced Plan and the only covered oral surgery services in the first 12 months under the Comprehensive and Prime plans.
  3. Orthodontia is not a benefit.
  4. Delta Dental offers a large, nationwide network of quality dentists at the lowest out-of-pocket costs for VADIP beneficiaries. These dentists also submit claims for VADIP beneficiaries and accept payment directly from Delta Dental.
  5. Each plan has low cost-shares.

More information:

Find a Delta Dental dentist

Help VADIP beneficiaries locate a Delta Dental VADIP network dentist who offers the lowest out-of-pocket costs and file claims for beneficiaries.

Enrollment cards

Veterans and beneficiaries don’t need an enrollment card to receive VADIP dental services. They simply can provide the dentist with the group number and the primary subscriber’s Social Security number or alternative identification number, and the dental office can use that information to verify eligibility and benefits. The group number can be found in the Benefits Booklet.

If a VADIP beneficiary still would like a card, one can be printed from our Consumer Toolkit®.

File a dental claim

VADIP beneficiaries do not need to submit claims when they receive services from a VADIP network dentist. Delta Dental VADIP network dentists agree to handle all claims and paperwork for beneficiaries.

Locate a Network Dentist

Find a network dentist near you or check if your current dentist is in our network.

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