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Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program


FAQ: How many cleanings per year are covered under Delta Dental’s Federal Employees Dental Program?

Both the Standard and High plans in Delta Dental’s Federal Employees Dental Program cover (pay for) two cleanings in a rolling, 12-consecutive-month period (not the same as a calendar year). This time limitation is designed to encourage you and your dentist to maintain a regular schedule for your routine cleanings and other preventive services.

The rolling 12-month period starts with the date of the first covered cleaning in the series. For example, if you had your first covered cleaning on March 2, 2016 and a second covered cleaning on August 24, 2016, the Federal Employees Dental Program will not pay for another cleaning until March 2, 2017—12 months to the day from the first paid cleaning—or after.

Use the handy online Consumer Toolkit® to help you keep track of your covered cleanings so you’ll know when you’re eligible for your next one. And don’t forget that your PPO network dentist can help you with scheduling your covered cleanings on a regular basis, too.