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Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program


“Financial literacy” applies to dental coverage, too

April has been designated as Financial Literacy Month, making it the perfect time to remind you how to make the most of your benefits under Delta Dental’s Federal Employees Dental Program.

By seeing a network dentist who participates in Delta Dental’s Federal Employees Dental Program, you get 100% coverage for Class A diagnostic and preventive services, with no deductible. With all other covered services, seeing a participating network dentist will lower your copayments by 10% to 15% (depending on your plan), and there is never a deductible. Besides putting more money in your pocket, seeing a network dentist gives you value-added peace of mind, with no claims paperwork to fill out, no bills to worry about (other than your applicable copayments and deductible) and no doubts about the quality of your dental care. If your dentist doesn’t participate in the network for Delta Dental’s Federal Employees Dental Program, use our Dentist Search to find a network dentist near you.