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Purchasing and caring for your mouthguard

Keeping your smile protected doesn’t end with a visit to the dentist and good oral hygiene. If you or your child is active in sports you could be missing one key component of protection. Mouthguards.

Sports mouthguards help prevent oral injuries by protecting your teeth from unexpected impacts during a game. Mouthguards can easily be purchased over the counter at your local sporting goods stores. Unfortunately these guards are often bulky and designed for a boil and bite fit, meaning you’ll need to place them in boiling water for short period of time and bite down on the guard creating an imprint of your teeth.

Fortunately for FEDP beneficiaries, mouthguards are included with coverage. In one visit to your FEDP network dentist you can be fit with a custom mouthguard made specifically for your mouth. These guards tend to be thinner and more comfortable to wear as they are designed for your bite and mouth size.

No matter which guard you choose it’s important to care for your guard and keep it clean. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the following steps to keep your mouthguard in good shape.

Caring for Your Mouthguard:

  1. Rinse or brush your teeth before and after wearing a mouthguard.
  2. Store the guard in a container that has air vents.
  3. Clean your mouthguard before you store it.
  4. Don’t chew on or cut pieces off of your guard.
  5. Bring your mouthguard when you have a dental checkup.
  6. Check for wear and tear, and replace your mouthguard when necessary.

By following these tips, your mouth will remain healthy and protected.

Need help? Finding a dentist has never been easier. Look for a FEDP network dentist and save on your out-of-pocket costs.

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